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I have GREAT news!

As you know, I've moaned, bitched, groaned, said I was going to quit, blah blah!!!!! Well, the story that I submitted over a year that was rejected has now been contracted to Muse It Up Publishing. Yep, contract is signed, sealed and delivered. I never gave up. I re-worked some parts, added words and some people REALLY read it and tell me what's wrong with it.

As a dear friend of mine said to me when I got the contract...I'm proud of you. You NEVER gave up. Yes, I almost did but I just knew that this story would find a home. I am hoping for a December release but I haven't got edits yet.

Whew! I'm tired and I've just started.

Okay, just to clear a few things up about my double life:

1. Harlie's review blog will not go away. In fact, I have some great things coming up.

2. I do have an author page on Facebook. The link is on the right side of the post. I would really like some "likes".

3. My book does have smexy in it. Just a warning to the family. And no, its 50 Shades sexy.

4. I do not have a "brand" yet. Not a clue as to what to "brand" myself. Any ideas would be appreciate it. :)

As you noticed, I switched to WordPress for Harlie. It looks more professional and I like it better. I bought the domain, too. You will notice that I don't have GFC anymore. Please, please I beg you, follow me through email subscribtion. Its easy. Once you set up your email, every time I have a new blog, you will get it. I'm also on Networked Blogs. That's another way to follow me. I'll figure out some more ways, too.

Oh and one more thing...

Riggins and Coach Taylor are VERY proud of me. *wink wink*

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