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This is going to be a powder keg post.  Most authors LOVE Twitter but I don't.  I find it cliquish, confusing and way too fast for me to keep up with.  I only use it for blogging.  I know that there are certain publishers that only use Twitter to communicate with their readers and I cry foul on that.  Why only Twitter?  Most regular people (readers) have Facebook and use it for any and everything.  When are publishers going to realize that NOT everyone has jumped or will jump on the Twitter train?  I really tried a couple of years ago to use it but I found that more and more, I was ignored in conversations and the hashtags things.  GAH!

Now I'm not saying that Facebook is the BEST social media platform out there and it never will be.  Too many times have they shown us that we AREN'T driving their train.  They don't listen to us and have screwed with our news feed, authors have lost their fan pages because Facebook thought they were spam and of course now, our opinion doesn't matter at all.  I'm not sure Facebook even knows what they are doing now.  I'm not Facebook as much anymore mainly because a lot of it is just promo stuff.

So while the post is short today, I just wanted to share my thoughts.  Oh and don't get me started on Pinterest.  I'm so lost over there and I'd rather be on Twitter.


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