Harlie Williams


And the hits keep coming...

The hits just keep coming....

Didn't even place in the online contest that I entered.  I thought my menage start was good...

Still no word on the submission that I sent in.  Its been three weeks...

Lost out to a critique from Leah Brahmel on the Brenda Novak Auction, too.

I did win a manuscript evaluation from Lori Perkins, Editorial Director from Raveneous Romance.  That's due by August 1st.  Need to figure out which erotic short that I have started that I will finish for her.  Lori is also the owner of Lori Perkins Literary Agency. 

Maybe he can keep my spirits up. 

At least Harlie's review blog is up and churning right now.  At least that's something that I can do right.

*double sigh*

Kid won his T-ball game tonight 12-9.  Woo Hoo!

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