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The Countdown Begins...2 days until release day


In honor of my debut releasing in 7 days, I'm offering a $15 GC from either Amazon, B&N, MuseItUp, or Book Depository on my release day.  Follow my posts for the next seven days.  On each day, they will be themed.  Just tell me what all 7 seven themes were during the week and on my actual release day just write them in the comment section.  Easy peasy.  Good luck!

The official countdown has begun.  Only 2 days until my debut releases from MuseItUp Publishing.   I still can't believe it.  The world didn't end and the Mayans were wrong.  So, I will definitely be around on Friday.  :)

Did you get the themes from the earlier days?  Still with me?  Hate me?  Only a couple of more days to go!

Okay, did everyone survive Christmas?  We did and I hope our house did, too.  We are away for the holidays this year in SE Texas.  It snowed at our house in Lindale.  My dad texted me pictures of the snow in Dallas.  Damn it!  First White Christmas since 1978 and I wasn't there.  *pout*  Instead, it was raining and humid.  Oh well...

Hmmmm, what to talk about today?  Easy...loops on Yahoo.  (Yes, I made it easy for yall today)  What do you think of loops?  Personally, I've been burned by them.  Badly...

Let me explain...One loop in particular is an author/reader loop that when I first joined was awesome.  No egos, no bullshit from anyone and it was a blast.  I meet one of my besties on that loop and I finally found a place that I could talk about anything and everything.  Fast forward to a couple of the authors becoming a big thing and this is when the chaos began.  Egos, pride and pettiness started to set in within the loop.  A lot of people left the loop, me included and I've never looked back.  Do I miss the loop?   Sometimes but not often.  I would love to announce on that loop about my debut novel releasing but I'm afraid that I would get my hand slapped again.  *sigh*

On a couple of the other loops, I'm viewed as only a reviewer, not an author, so my voice is silent at this point.  Trust me, I've tried to be heard but no one has taken me seriously.  I want to point out that I realize that my debut releases 3 days after Christmas but I've been talking about my debut for months.  God forbid that a reviewer can write a book and get it published.  But to be kicked in sandbox before you ever get it...there is something wrong.  I've read blogs about author jealous and pettiness.  Even a couple of months ago, the RWA magazine had a great article on this very subject.  People that I trusted in some of the loops I belong to is now gone.  My trust was shattered some time ago and it has never recovered.  As some people keep telling me, surround yourself with the people who support you, not people who bring you down.  This is no truer now, than in the beginning of my publishing journey.

So why does it hurt so much?  I'm very proud of my accomplishment and I want to share it but in some ways I can't.  My debut is not going to win the Pulitzer (that would be cool) or the Nobel Prize for literature (cool, too) or be the next Harry Potter/Twilight but DAMN IT, I did something that most people haven't done or won't do.  So why the cold shoulder and all the rules that go on within the loops?  On certain loops you can only post on these days about this and that.  Other days are this and that.  It gets confusing and within some loops I gave up trying to figure it all out.  *sigh*

I still take part in loops and for the most part they are great and I've actually learned a lot of the craft of writing.  As a social hangout, not so much.  I'm not a minion, I have a functioning brain cell and think on my own and form my own opinions.  I'm not a follower per se but a leader in some ways.  I'm just not cool enough for some people and it shows.  I don't get invited to join blogs and such.  Trust me, I've "auditioned" for blogs and didn't make the cut.  Yep...sad.  I've somewhat felt like that the romance community within the loops is too closed off from the newbie writer.  Have people within the loops congratulated me?  You bet but getting the extra support?  Forget it.

Again, I realize that its Christmas but a little love please?

What's your opinion on loops?

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