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The Countdown Begins...1 day until release day


In honor of my debut releasing in 7 days, I'm offering a $15 GC from either Amazon, B&N, MuseItUp, or Book Depository on my release day.  Follow my posts for the next seven days.  On each day, they will be themed.  Just tell me what all 7 seven themes were during the week and on my actual release day just write them in the comment section.  Easy peasy.  Good luck!

The official countdown has begun.  Only 1 more day until my debut releases from MuseItUp Publishing.   I still can't believe it.  The world didn't end and the Mayans were wrong.  So, I will definitely be around on Friday.  :)

Did you get the themes from the earlier days?  Still with me?  Hate me?  Tomorrow it releases!  Woot!

I want to thank everyone that has read the blog this week and left a comment or two.  Its been weird being at the in-laws this week.  I've warned them about the book but they don't seem to care.  They just want to buy it and read it.  We were over at my husband's best friends house last night.  Interesting conversation with his wife, who I adore.  She's read 50 Shades and I told her to read Cherise Sinclair and Shayla Black now.  Much better books but I digress.  I showed her my book on my Kindle and she is buying it, too.  Today, my SIL is coloring my hair so the Kindle will go to her shop, too.  Can't wait to pimp it out there.  A bunch of naughty women there.  :)

Today's topic is just a simple one...THANK YOU!  There are certain people who I can not thank enough for their support and encouragement.  My acknowledgment page is long but heartfelt.  There is one particular person that deserves my undying love to and that person is Delilah Devlin.  She rejected this story over a  year and then I was crushed.  I was in her crit group and I didn't understand at the time why it was rejected.  Well, I do know.  It wasn't ready.  I need to revise, rework and resubmit it to the group again.  I owe so much to her and to the writing classes that she and her sister, Myla Jackson/Elle James over the year.  I took those classes; paid attention and learned about the craft of writing.  Many authors talk about the craft but I didn't have a clue back then but I do now.

As my release day nears...Eek!, I'm not as nervous as I was last week.  Its done, finished and my one hope is that no one laughs at me.  I'm proud of my story and I have re-read it this week.  I can't wait for you to read it and see if you can get the twist.  I'm evil and a tease.

So, do you think you know what the topics were this week?  Remember, share on FB, Tweet and the winner will be drawn next week.


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