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Vengeance Hammer (Viking Vengeance, Book #3) by Jianne Carlo - Excerpt #4/Giveaway

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Vengeance Hammer (Viking Vengeance #3)

by Jianne Carlo

Erotic Historical Romantic Suspense

Categories: Mystery/Thriller

Publisher: Etopia Press

Release Date: May 3, 2013

Heat Level: Sizzling

Word Count: 73,000

Available at:

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Can a Viking forgive the woman who cheated him of his vengeance?

All Dráddor has to do is kill the Earl of Caithness, wed the man’s daughter, and vengeance would be his and the oath to his father would be fulfilled. But when he arrives at Caithness, the earl is already dead, poisoned by own wife. And when he finds the earl’s daughter, the Lady Xára, he find she’s unable to speak. Unwilling to be thwarted, Dráddor marries her anyway to claim the earl’s lands and title, knowing King Kenneth could not fault him for later casting her aside.

Desperate to protect her family, Xára willingly weds the Viking. She must win Dráddor to her side before he discovers the secret that will destroy all. But the Saracen warrior, Niketas, has other plans. He needs the blood of two virgin half-immortals to win eternal life and the powers of the gods. Until the god Heimdallr, Xára’s true sire, makes it clear he has other plans for his beloved daughter…

Vengeance Hammer, Vengeance Warriors Book 4: Excerpt:

Resting his chin on the top of her head, Draddor massaged first one foot then the other. When the tension seeped from Xára’s shoulders and she snuggled closer, he said, “’Tis not long before dawn and there is much to be done on the morrow. Sleep.”

She pushed away from him. With one finger she wrote on his chest, I cannot sleep. I worry of Jennie.

He knew she wanted to sit by her mother’s side. “I cannot have any question the validity of our marriage. We must stay here together until the cocks crow.”

When she tried to slide off his lap, he held her fast, not willing to release her yet. Remembering her slick folds, he decided to move ahead with his plans for binding her to him. She had responded well to his caresses earlier, and forgotten their audience until he’d ruptured her maidenhead. Mayhap a taste of the pleasure to be had in bedsport with him would distract her from worrying about Lady Jennie.

He nuzzled her neck. Loki’s balls be tied. She smelled of all a woman should, spicy with a hint of some floral sweetness, and a secret musk that had his half-hard cock erect in an instant.

She wriggled her shoulders but sank into him and tilted her head to one side. The action was slight, nigh imperceptible, and had he not been attuned to her every nuance, he would not have noticed. A siren’s invitation he could not refuse.

He sipped the downy, fuzzy hairs at her nape and slipped his hand underneath the covers to the soft curve of her belly. When the tips of two fingers grazed at the rim of her navel, it took all the warrior discipline beaten into him to resist the call of her puss.

Cupping her cheek, he turned her face to him and caught her mouth with his.

To his delight, she opened for him, parted her lips, and squeezed his forearm when he tasted her deeply.

He could not resist the flavor of her, honey, nay, mead and fruit and a hint of smoky allure, the complex tang too intoxicating to do naught but drink more, linger more.

She squirmed, the delicious roundness of her arse moving from side to side over his engorged pecker. Temptation reared and his sac drew up. His mind filled with images of spreading her legs wide and hammering into her until he found release.

“Virgin,” he muttered, having enough reason left to speak in Norse, leaned his forehead on hers, and choked back a groan. It had taken all his control to withdraw from her tight sheath without finding his pleasure earlier. Indeed he would not have been capable of resisting pounding into her puss had she not stiffened and scoured her nails on his back when he took her innocence.

He was a Viking, a warrior, a man of honor, and, by Freya, he would wait until Xára signaled her readiness before taking her again. Yet, he could not wile away this chance to teach his bride the sheer ecstasy to be found ’tween a man and a woman.

All at once, he grinned. Aye, he could not breach her tender sheath until she healed, but there was more than one way to pleasure a new wife.

About the Author:

Award winning author, Jianne Carlo’s motto is simple: Alpha Me Please.

While strong heroines, exotic locations, and cultural differences are her forte, she goes weak in the knees for warriors and alphas. Send her a man with an attitude and she’ll find the right woman to tame him.

Jianne loves hot and spicy food, stomach-plunging park rides, and is kept on her toes by her Viking husband of thirty-five years, and three, handsome grown sons. There’s nothing she likes more than hearing from readers.

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