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The Dom with the perfect Brats by Black.Shaw.Silverwood - Guest Post/R-Excerpt/Giveaway


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Godfrey Cross is a big, tattooed Dom with no tolerance for brats. But when he meets two mouthy vanilla girls, he begins to see their charm.
Gemma and Izzy seem more into each other than into him and he wonders if he's wasting his time. Yet despite the clash between his strict version of BDSM and their rebellious natures, he finds himself growing to love them.
When his need for control tears their relationship apart, they must learn to compromise or they will lose each other. People may not be perfect, but could these two be perfect for him?


When Gemma and Izzy express interest in his upcoming sale, Godfrey Cross invites them to his Goth clothes store after hours. The girls have been teasing him and only have a vague idea as to how far Cross will go…


The next time they came out, giggling and flushed, they wore matching black PVC dresses with black studded leather collars. Gemma’s expression was downright naughty, and Izzy looked smug. Cross immediately imagined bringing them into the club like that, on a tandem leash, but freshly spanked and biddable. He stifled a hiss as his arousal evaded his control.

“So are you two a matched set now?” He arched a brow.

Gemma bit her lip then prowled over to him, dragging Izzy in her wake. “I think he likes these, Izzy. What is it, knuckle-dragger? The twin thing? The collar thing? Are we making you think bad thoughts?”

“I warned you I’m no gentleman.” Cross adjusted himself through his jeans without any attempt at being subtle.

They both looked amused. Not easily shocked, for vanilla girls.

“So if we touched you, would you fall at our feet and worship us?” Gemma looked at Cross speculatively.

“Maybe I should tie your hands together to avoid that?” he growled. Girls didn’t talk to him like this. They ducked their heads and did what they were told. He had to fight down mild annoyance. This girl wasn’t his... yet. If she was, she’d be clutching her sore ass by now, with fat tears rolling down her cheeks. His heart beat faster. This time he didn’t hesitate to get into her personal space as he loomed over her. Izzy, who she still clutched, got the same view. Now both of them looked up at him with wide eyes. Even vanilla girls understood this body language. Godfrey Cross was not a man to fuck with.

After a short silence, Izzy lifted her hands, giving him a sassy grin that paled compared to Gemma’s prior challenge.  “I double-dare you.”

He looked down. Offering her wrists. Brat. Gemma snickered, obviously thinking she was safe.

Without pause, he pulled Gemma’s arms behind Izzy’s back. “Stay.” He grabbed Izzy’s wrists and put them behind her too, then zip-tied their same wrists together. They’d actually cooperated. He stepped back and admired his work. They were stuck with Gemma hugging Izzy, and Izzy unable to get away. Nice. He generally preferred leather cuffs or rope for real bondage, but the zip ties would do.

“Hey!” Both girls protested briefly, testing their bonds. The sound of PVC sliding along PVC was sexy. And the collars. Nothing was hotter than a woman wearing a collar – except maybe for a woman wearing his collar.

“Oh no! What’s to become of us, dear Izzy? Now we’re totally at his mercy.” So much sarcasm in such a little girl. They looked at him expectantly. Despite the brave words, Gemma seemed unsettled. “I bet he’s like every other straight guy I know and he’s hoping we’ll kiss.”

Izzy laughed breathlessly. Though Gemma watched him, she was staring in fascination at Gemma’s mouth.

“A couple of straight, good girls like you? I wouldn’t put money on it,” he mocked.

Gemma’s brows shot up. “Good girl? You wish.” Her face swung to Izzy, who looked at her with trepidation and even flinched the tiniest amount.

As Gemma leaned toward her, pulling her closer, Izzy tried to squirm away. “Don’t,” she squeaked. Gemma ignored her and pressed her lips to the girl’s in a chaste way, then withdrew.

Cross laughed. “You’re a virgin, Gemma? That’s all that kiss said to me.”

She glared at him, not noticing the way Izzy’s tits heaved or her helpless look of arousal.

Gemma snorted and turned back to her new friend. Challenge accepted. She pulled Izzy closer, with the girl whimpering but not trying hard to stop her. Slowly Gemma leaned in until their lips almost touched. Her tongue tip traced the seam of Izzy’s lips, teasing, testing, like she wanted to see what Izzy would do.

Fucking hot. He resisted grabbing her hair and instructing. If the building had fallen down, he might not have noticed. This was better than his daydreams.

Gemma bit the girl’s bottom lip – he could see the tug of skin as she pulled. When Izzy gasped she slipped her tongue into her mouth and started to kiss her in earnest. Izzy submitted, relaxing into her arms then kissing her back. When, at last, Gemma pulled away, Izzy mewled, trying to follow her and not let it end.

Now that, that, was fucking hot.

They were both pink and blotchy, breathing hard, looking at him.

Gemma exhaled shakily. “Happy now?”

He couldn’t stay out of this anymore – all of his Dom instincts were pacing the cage, trying to escape. Vanilla or not? Time to find out.

Drawing himself up, he towered over them and growled. “Again.”

“What?” Gemma whispered, brow furrowed.

He glowered down at her, almost touching them he was standing so close. He ran a finger under the collar she’d put on as a joke, slowly, letting her feel the pressure. “I didn’t tell you to stop, girl. Do it again.”

Izzy backpedaled, almost pulling Gemma off her feet. He stopped Izzy with a hand on the nape of her neck, and steadied Gemma with a hand under her elbow.

“Stop trying to get away, Izzy. I know you like this.” He waited a second to let the idea sink in. “Just let it happen. You can blame me later, if you need to.” He held her with thumb and forefinger wrapped around her neck, over the collar. He stroked gently with his thumb. Though trembling, she didn’t argue.

When he looked back to Gemma, she stared him in the eye. She didn’t want to like this, but somewhere in there, deep down, she did.

“Do it. Now.”

He could feel the heat coming off of her. She liked this, even if she wouldn’t say so. And neither of them had told him to fuck off or untie them.

After one, long, exasperated sigh, Gemma took up the kiss where she’d left off.

He placed a gentle hand on the back of her neck too. She tried to jerk away but groaned into Izzy’s mouth. Small noises of pleasure gave way to frustrated moans from Izzy. Somehow his hands had entangled in their hair, and soon he couldn’t help himself and started controlling their movements. The writhing of their bodies, their sounds and the way they’d wrapped themselves around each other – fuck. His cock pressed hard against his jeans, not used to being denied for so long. He was surprised his dick hadn’t detached and gone stomping through the store like Godzilla through Tokyo.

GUEST POST:  Writing Mff and ff romances

How difficult is it to write f/f sex scenes and romance? Not difficult at all is my obvious answer. I’m a woman so it’s dead easy seeing these scenes playing out in my head. Now if I wrote m/m it would be another thing entirely – though I do write the male POV in most of my stories. But I do think you have to empathize with whatever type of erotic romance you choose to write. I’d be mad to write m/m –it doesn’t do anything for me and I know it would be as exciting as writing out a factory statistics report.

Sometimes I get a feeling that…and this is a separate thing from whether you like reading them or not…I get the feeling books with f/f and m/f/f are seen as more ‘out there’ than m/m. I’m not sure why unless it’s that women are still not willing to see their own sex as equal, and are not willing to see the possibility of a woman attracted to another woman as acceptable? Which, if so, strikes me as odd since m/m is so darn popular. If seeing men attracted to other men is accepted as a hot turn-on for some women, why not women attracted to women? Of course the workings of our minds are not exactly logical. Sex, hormones and emotions rarely are.

And like I always say, we’re all made differently. So I understand why some love reading m/m. I guess what perplexes me the most is why there is such an imbalance – thousands upon thousands of m/m and m/f/m books but a bare handful of m/f/f or f/f books? Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice in Wonderland said.

Anyway, to me, and to my co-writers, these books are no more difficult to write than an m/f BDSM story. If anything, the brats and their smartass talk makes it so much more fun and fun means sometimes the scenes almost type themselves.

We don’t just get to write about Doms and floggers and nipple clamps, we get to see what happens when one of the girls shows the Dom the error of his ways in as tongue-in-cheek a way as possible. Since Godfrey Cross is a strict Dom at the start of the story, both funishment and real punishment are alive and well in The Dom with the Perfect Brats. Like Sabrina in The Dom with a Safeword, Izzy and Gemma are in a perpetual state of smartassery.

Sometimes though, when the love and the smartassery combine, Cross forgives and forgets…

When he turned around, Gemma had Izzy pressed back against one of the bed posts, corralling her between her arms. They were kissing.

“Hey, hey,” Cross objected as though he hadn’t just been avidly watching.

“You were slow. We got bored.” Gemma smiled against Izzy’s mouth.

Izzy eyed him slyly. “Yeah. You snooze, you lose.”

Gemma sighed. “I love her. Do I have to wait for your permission to kiss her?”

“Never.” He laughed. “Unless it bothers you that I pull over to watch when you two start making out in the back seat.”

“The worst part was I hadn’t noticed we’d stopped.”

“I think the ice cream melted.” Izzy grinned and clasped her hands at the small of Gemma’s back; tugging her even closer before doing a slow, soft kiss that made them both shut their eyes for a second.

Cross watched, thinking again that no porn could hope to measure up. Nothing was fake between his girls – pure love and lust were so much better than any acting could be. And how could a man be upset when he was ignored for a moment like this?

We began writing these books thinking they’d get written fast, and to some degree they do. The Dom with the Perfect Brats is 112,000 words, so it’s a long-ass book, but it only took us perhaps a month and a half to write. Even so, we tear out our hair a lot and do a ton of Facebook chatting. Without the internet, with the three of us being based in Australia, Canada and the US, this book series would be near impossible to get done. But this way, the high tech way, we can swap files in seconds via email. Writing the books can be easy even if in other ways they’re also hard to write. What I do know is that we’re making a lot of readers happy.

Nothing is better than having someone come up to you at a conference, as Leia did today, to say to you that she loves your Dom book and the f/f parts and that no one else does it. Not does it as well, but does it full stop. Certainly if you look at the combination of BDSM and Mff this subgenre is rare. But as long as the readers are out there wanting them, we’ll keep writing them.

Harlie here:  I’m just now getting into f/f and I love it.  I’m hetro, married and for me, f/f is fast becoming a favorite sub-genre.  It’s pure, innocent in some ways and I can identify with the girlie bits and what gets the juices flowing.  But hey…it’s just my opinion.  

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