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Review of Kendra by Kandie Stix


Release date: June 6th 2015

Release date:  June 6, 2015

Kendra is a perfectionist. Her job is her life and she prefers it that way. After her ex-boyfriend left her for someone prettier and thinner, she decided she would never let someone rule her heart again. That is...until she meets her new boss Chad.

Chad was going to start over at a new job. His fantasy of assistants bowing down to him was beyond ridiculous but this time, he has sworn to himself to behave.

But ... when his assistant Kendra wiggles her way into his life...there's no going back. Can Chad make Kendra forget her pain and show her there is more fun in playing the game...



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Good lawd and everything that's holy.  This is a book that I was NOT expecting.  Hawt, well-ploted and a female character that I completely fell in love with.  She was sexually aware of what she wanted and when she wanted it.  She was always in control of her emotions and her sexuality.

Chad on the other hand, got on my nerves a bit in the beginning.  Talk about a man who a fetish when it came to his assistants/ex-wives and we get to meet one of them in the book.  What a piece of work.  No wonder he liked Kendra so much.  In the end though he redeemed himself when it came to how to keep Kendra happy and well satisfied with him.

This book is hot and there is a touch of f/f and a menage.  It was beautifully done and it showed a peak of what Kendra truly wanted out of relationship with Chad.  At the time of the scene, I hadn't figured it out but at the end, the scene with Tamara, Chad and Kendra made perfect sense and fit the story.  As most know, I don't like most menage stories anymore but I do like it when an author slips one in a story to show the reader that a character can grow from it.

If I had one compliant is Chad.  I didn't feel all that connected to him but he did finally figure out what was going to keep Kendra in his bed and his life.  Those scenes were a great introduction to maybe a sequel.  I would love to see these characters again in a future book.

Don't skip the Epilogue.  I liked Tamara and I felt like she had a lot more to say that being the office so-called slut.  ;)

Highly recommend.  ;)




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Kandie Stixx is the author of contemporary erotic romance Kendra..

Kandie Stixx is not her real name, obviously. It is a culmination of her nickname

and her partner’s nickname. A true partnership!

When she’s not writing, she is usually blogging or reading as much as she can

before the next book takes form in her mind.





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