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I can not believe that we only have 41 days left until Christmas morning.  *head desk*  Not one thing bought yet.  I know that some people already have their shopping done.  Not us.  At least this year, we have a clue what we are doing which is a big step for us.  We are shopping this weekend and will take care of most of Brian's (our son) stuff.

There was one other thing that I forgot about doing in Dallas growing up.  Going to the downtown Neiman Marcus store once it was decorated.  Then after that my mom, grandmother and I would have lunch at The Zodiac Room.  I thought I was all grown up having lunch there.  I will never forget their strawberry butter or their chocolate chip cookies.  Plus, when you are 8 years old it was pretty impressive to use a starched white napkin.  :)  Sadly, I don't do this tradition anymore.  My grandmother died in 2006 and my own mother is housebound.  My mom would also buy one ornament that represented my dad, my younger brother, herself and me.  I still have my ornaments and proudly display them on my own tree.  I can't imagine why I have so many penguins but I do.  He He!

My recipe today is a simple one and you don't even have to write it down.  My grandmother made the BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER!  As a child, I never actually watched her make them.  They were just always around.  When I got to be a teenager she shared her secret.  Are you ready for it?

She used the recipe on the back of the package of Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips.  *thud*  I know, right?  The only variation was that she liked Dark Brown Sugar and make equal batches with and without pecans.  My uncle loved pecans in his cookies.

So there you have it.  The secret recipe to awesome chocolate chip cookies.  This recipe is the only recipe I use when making these cookies.  It didn't fail my grandmother and it hasn't failed me.  One thing...I don't use pecans in my cookies.

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