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Three Wicked Writers Plus Two: FANGIRL ALERT and a Dedication of sorts.....

I have had the pleasure of guest posting on Three Wicked Writers. Here's the link. I'd love it if you came and commented.

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I'm sure that this is nothing new for you authors but I hate waiting to see if someone likes my stuff or not.  I realize that the editor has to read all the subs, she what she likes, what to reject, and if a story deserves a shot with some polishing.

Phew...I've never waited before and the bad thing…

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Finished Short for Delilah

Happy Labor Day everyone.  I have finished my short for Delilah's antho.  One more read through and I'll submit it.  Whew!  I hope that she likes it and accepts it.  Thanks to anyone that read it and liked it. 

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Wrote a paranormal short

Just me again....wrote a paranormal short.  It was fun and its a to be continued.  Check it out.

An Angel in the House

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